Understand the Difference: ADD, ADHD and Natural Treatments #adhd

For the last 20 years, ADHD has skyrocketed, to become one of the major problems facing families and schools in the United States. Often, ADD is viewed that same as ADHD, but, if you talk to the parents of ADD and ADHD children, they will tell you there are major differences between the two.

Understanding the Differences Between ADHD and ADD

ADD refers to Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD refers to Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. From a diagnostic standpoint, they are similar disorders, but hyperactivity is not necessarily present in an ADD.

ADHD and ADD Symptoms

A child with ADD is usually distracted easily, is unable to concentrate well, is forgetful and disorganized, and avoids the normal activities that require concentration and focus. This child will also lose things often.

When considering ADD vs ADHD, you must be on the look out for hyperactivity. A child with ADHD will be unable to stay still, and will be extremely impatient, such as not being able to wait in line without being disruptive, or will often interrupt people, rahter than listen. The difference between ADHD and ADD will also show with the ADHD child talking excessively,and frequently breaking stuff, due to his unfocused, hyperactivity.

Everyone has some forgetfulness and restlessness, so when diagnosing ADD vs ADHD, a professional will look for a time frame of at least 6 months for symptoms to be present. Remember, there is no medical test, diagnosis of ADHD and ADD is based on behaviors, not a blood test.

When evaluating ADD vs ADHD, we must realize that not every symptom is found in every individual, with ADD or ADHD. Your doctor, or a psychologist, will need to evaluate you or your child individually for ADHD and ADD.

Treatment Options for ADHD and ADD

Generally, a doctor will recommend medication, such as amphetamine like drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall, for a child with ADD or ADHD, and they will tell you about others who have made complete turn arounds with these medications. While it is true that many do improve, doctors often minimize the side effects of these powerful, mind altering drugs.

Natural Approaches to Treating ADHD and ADD

Two of the most important aspects to develop you or your child’s ability to concentrate and have self control, are nutrition and sleep. These are the two min aspects of health negatively impacted by ADHD medication. A few doctors even give children sleeping pills, to counteract the ADHD medication! You must keep in mind, that what type of treatment for ADHD you choose it is ultimately your decision, not the doctor’s.

It is amazing how little emphasis most doctors put on nutrition, when dealing with health issues. Some studies have found that as much as 80% of ADD and ADHD are the result of poor nutrition. Before choosing medication for yourself, or your child with ADD or ADHD, try dietary changes. You can begin by removing all dairy, sugar, as well as red dye and all other artificial ingredients. The next move is to remove all wheat, and gluten containing foods, such as barley and rye, and soy sauce.

There are many natural herbal remedies that have been shown to be very effective in helping with the symptoms of ADHD and ADD. Look for ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, chamomile and rooibos, or try homeopathic remedies. These can have a calming effect, and help by improving blood flow to the brain.

This is where it is useful to know the difference between ADD vs ADHD in your child. For ADD, look for natural products geared toward improving concentration. If your child has hyperactivity issues, then look for remedies with a calming effect.

In conclusion, you must be careful when dealing with your child’s naturally developing brain chemistry. It may be wise to choose medication as a last resort. Rather, begin by getting more sleep, improving the diet, and using natural supplements. This will avoid the problems associated with ADHD and ADD medication, and lead to better long term, overall health.

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