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Brainwaves, Music and #ADHD #musictherapy #binaural

The brain is a multifaceted entity which has the ability to make the mind and body perform its functions. This is comparable to conducting a symphony of orchestra that has to blend in tempo, choice of music and volume. According to research, the brain’s electrical signals or brain waves are changeable and people can be […]

Music Therapy Helps ADHD Children in the Classroom #musictherapy #adhd #school

A special education teacher should be equipped with creativity skills to make her students learn basic classroom tasks. What makes it more challenging is to make learning fun and never let attention deficit be a hindrance for children to learn. Without the proper training, teaching of children with ADHD is close to impossible. This is […]

Is ADHD a Myth or a Fact? #adhd

Is ADHD really a legitimate condition? Or is it a made-up diagnosis used to write off bad behavior? Is the ADHD diagnosis an excuse for some people to shrug off responsibilities? Does it just give people an excuse for their inexplicable mistakes, and their inexcusable behavior? These are some common examples of comments and questions […]

Listen up, you don’t need drugs for ADHD! #adhd #mentalhealth

Binaural beat music therapy has been used with learning disabilities, and ease behavioral problems, for many years. The use of music to ease conditions like ADHD is not reported on in the mainstream media, because pharmaceutical companies would like consumers to believe that Adderall, Ritalin and other common prescription drugs are the only way to […]

Psycho-Energetic and Psycho-Spiritual Factors of ADHD #adhd

There are bio-chemical causes for attention deficit and hyperactivity, but let’s also consider some of the possible psycho-energetic and psycho-spiritual contributors: poor sense of self, poor energetic boundaries, and a lack of “centeredness”. Poor Sense of Self: Although we, as human beings, are interconnected, it is also important for each of us to maintain, and […]

No More Test Anxiety Learning To Slow Down & Pay Attention Self Hypnosis

No More Test Anxiety! 22 1/2 minute Test Anxiety Self Hypnosis MP3 $9.95 with Pay Pal This breakthrough binaural beat Subliminal MP3 will help you to concentrate, study and stay on task. This MP3 are enhanced with binaural beats, a cutting edge sound therapy technique that can gently bring you into a mind state more […]