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ADHD Women: The

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ADHD Women means Women and girls suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). You will be surprised to know that ADHD girls and ADHD women are very creative and intelligent but there are a lot of problems that ADHD women face. The World does not know about the struggle of the ADHD woman.

Symptoms and Characteristics of ADHD Women

ADHD in women is unnoticed and not properly diagnosed. This is because Female ADHD is a little different from the characteristics definition of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The characteristic definition of ADHD is bases on DSM criteria of classification where as female ADHD deviates from the DSM definition of ADHD.  Sandra F Rief in her book “ADHD The Book of Lists’ mentions that adhd in women is quite different from ADHD in men. She listed the following main characteristic of adhd in women.

  • ADHD in women is most likely to be the inattentive type of ADHD, on the other hand ADHD in males tend to be the hyperactive type’
  • ADHD girls tend to be more compliant in school rather than be disruptive like boys
  • ADHD Women are very good at trying to make themselves invisible so that they can cover up their difficulties
  • ADHD girls are often over looked /labeled /written off as being “space cadets” “dizzy” or scattered.
  • ADHD women have real serious problems which affect them academically, socially, and emotionally but these problems stay unrecognized.
  • ADHD symptoms in females are more internal and often less observable.
  • ADHD women have greater likely hood of anxiety and depression
  • ADHD women Experience a lot of academic difficulties, peer rejection , and self esteem issues
  • ADHD women are more likely to be hyper verbal than hyperactive.
  • There is less likelihood of symptoms showing up before age 7 in ADHD girls. Girls are more likely to be under diagnosed because the current diagnostic criterion requires evidence of symptom onset before 7 years of age.
  • Symptoms tend to increase rather than decrease at puberty in ADHD girls because Hormones from puberty onward have a great influence on girls with ADHD
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) presents additional problems, worsening ADHD symptoms by adding to disorganization emotionality.
  • ADHD Girls who may have done well academically in elementary school often have trouble achieving academically once they reach middle school years. This is because the demands of exective functioning in higher grades create a lot of stress.
  • ADHD Girls tend to try hard to please their teachers’ and parents. They often work exceptionally hard (compulsively so) to achieve academic success. But there academic success lies in the proper recognition of ADHD and using the Mozart effect to help children with various problems.
  • Impulsivity in ADHD girls and ADHD women can lead to binge eating and engaging in high risk /high stimulation activities (such as smoking, drinking, drugs, sexual promiscuity, unprotected sex).This binge eating, smoking and drinking can worsen ADHD because diet plays an important role in ADHD 

Psychological Difficulties faced by ADHD women
-Hyper social behavior
-Hyper verbal behavior (cannot stop talking , chatting, and commenting on everything)
-Much giggling and “silly” behavior..
-Irritability and dysphonic tendencies
Mood swings
-temper tantrums
-Feeling shy, timid and withdrawn
-Becoming easily over whelmed
-being self critical
-being anxious
-hair twirling nail biting, picking at cuticles
-Low self esteem
-tendency to unleash frustrations at home that were kept hidden at school
-academic passivity- giving up easily

Social difficulties of ADHD women

ADHD Women and girls also face a lot of social problems like the following

  • Appearing uninterested because of poor listening skills
  • Displaying Poor management or expression of anger or moods
  • Bragging or being out spoken and appearing self involved
  • Forgetting appointments or being late
  • Failing to show interest by not remembering or checking with their friends about their feelings , or reactions to events that have occurred in their friends lives


A list of successful, famous women with ADHD women

Here is a list of famous women with ADHD:
– Karina Smirnoff
– Mary-Kate Olsen
– Paris Hilton
– Roxy Olin
– Solange Knowles
– Katherine Ellison (Pulitzer Prize Winner at age 27!!)
– Michelle Rodriguez

-Ann Bancroft —Actress

-Cher — Actress/Singer (There is a movie about her)
-Agatha Christie — Author

-Tracey Gold — American Actress

-Whoopi Goldberg — Comedienne, Actress

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