Psycho-Energetic and Psycho-Spiritual Factors of ADHD #adhd

bigstock-Set-of-faces-with-various-emo-24982823There are bio-chemical causes for attention deficit and hyperactivity, but let’s also consider some of the possible psycho-energetic and psycho-spiritual contributors: poor sense of self, poor energetic boundaries, and a lack of “centeredness”.

Poor Sense of Self: Although we, as human beings, are interconnected, it is also important for each of us to maintain, and develop, our own unique personal identity, the soul with which we came into this world with. It may be, that those individuals suffering from attention deficit are also suffering from an identity deficit, unable to feel secure in their own skins, and constantly reaching out for attention, approval, or are distracted by following the latest trends, in search of an identity.

Poor Energetic Boundaries: You may be aware, we, as human beings, have an aura, and this aura is composed of our biological, emotional and spiritual energy. While it may be a good thing to be connected to our environments through our auras, maintaining proper boundaries is equally, if not more important; those with ADHD often have poor “boundaries”, meaning, that their aura, or energy field, is constantly being “mixed up” by information, environmental factors, and people, outside themselves.

Lack of “Centeredness”: First, let’s define “centeredness”; what is meant by centeredness is very similar to the first two items on this list. Centeredness is the ability to maintain a centered sense of emotional and energetic boundaries, and, the ability to maintain a centeredness within. Many of those with ADHD spend an awful lot of time “in their heads”, spinning thoughts, or, a lot of time preoccupied with pursuing physical enjoyment. To remain “centered”, try drawing your attention, and thoughts, back away from the forehead.

So, what can be done about this? Practicing meditation, most specifically an energy based meditation can be an easy and enjoyable way to gain more control over your psycho-energetic boundaries, and lead a more centered, and ultimately fulfilling, life.

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