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Music is the language of the soul. Everyone agrees. But have you ever heard that music can help you study? Oh yes, it does. According to latest research studies Music can help you study. In fact, music can also help you get better grades and perform better at school as well as workplace.

Music can help you study: What is Study Music?

A special kind of music called study music is especially designed to help students with their education. Study Music is backed up by strong scientific evidence and advance research studies. Approximately 75% of students listen to music as they study. This study music consist of binaural and isochronic beats“Study Music creates an atmosphere of calm moods and serenity in the room, somewhere a person can feel completely at ease and concentrate on absorbing the information.

Top 8 Reasons why Music can help you study

  1. Music increases the motivation level and raises the overall mood. This is evident in all age groups and ability levels as shown by many significant studies.
  2. Music enhances intelligence, learning and IQ. Music actually makes you smarter
  3. Music can help you at your workplace too.
  4. Music can also help you perform better at workplace. This is because Music reduces muscle tension and improves body movement and coordination.
  5. Music can help you study because it shuts out distractions and it makes studying more enjoyable.
  6. It helps a student’s creativity and puts a student in a positive frame of mind and a better mood.
  7. Music can help you study because it improves the psychological well being thus decreasing the chances of depression disorders and anxiety disorders.
  8. Music reduces test anxiety.

Music can help you study so what is the secret?

It is the type of music that is the secret. Now a certain kind of music style might help you concentrate on studies. This certain kind is probably the type of music that makes you happy and relaxed. While taste in music differs from person to person, almost everyone enjoys some type of music. Fortunately, there are a lot of music genres available. For example

  1. Funk
  2. Electronic Edge
  3. Alternative Rock
  4. Urban Beats
  5. Country
  6. Heavy Metal
  7. Acid Jazz
  8. Nu Metal
  9. Hip Hop
  10. Pop Rock
  11. Old School Punk
  12. Heavy Rock
  13. Adult Contemporary
  14. Smooth Jazz
  15. Spanish Guitar
  16. Easy Listening
  17. Modern New Age


Music can help you study: Related Research Studies

  1. There has been a significant amount of research that shows a link between low level music and retention of information. A study was done to test whether or not music can help in retaining information. White mice were taught to go through a maze to find food. One group listened to no music; the second group listened to Strauss waltzes. After eight weeks, the mice were tested to see if they had improved. The mice with no music had improved but the mice that listened to Strauss waltzes made it through much faster. The scientists waited a few weeks to see if the results were the same. The Strauss mice had retained their memory.
  1. Another, more recent study actually showed that by listening to marches (marching band type marches) students actually had the highest focus & retention benefits.
  1. Psychologists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studied 90 boys between age six and fifteen. Half had musical training as members of their school’s string orchestra program. The other 45 participants were schoolmates with no musical training. The researchers, led by Agnes S. Chan, Ph.D., gave the children verbal memory tests, to see how many words they recalled from a list, and a comparable visual memory test for images. Students with musical training recalled significantly more words than the untrained students. There were no such differences for visual memory.
  1. American Psychological Association, Neuropsychology, Vol. 17, No. 3.) The American Psychological Association wrote, “Those dreaded piano lessons pay off in unexpected ways: According to a new study, children with music training had significantly better verbal memory than their counterparts without such training, plus, the longer the training, the better the verbal memory.” In this way, Music balances the brain. 
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