iPhone and iPad Users Please Read

1411851115_OS_Apple_256x256-32Apple software does not allow for downloads outside of iTunes, directly to your hand held device, such as your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, iTunes also screens out titles which contain the word “binaural”, so we were not able to list all of our titles on iTunes.

If you choose to purchase one of our MP3s through the Pay Pal buttons, you can still download our MP3s onto a regular laptop or desktop computer, using the link and password sent to your e-mail address, then you can transfer it to your Apple device via a cord. The links are good for one year, so you have plenty of time to download and transfer them to your iPhone or iPad.

You can also click on the ADHD Music Therapy titles below, to purchase and download directly from iTunes.

Hip Hop ADHD music therapy

Grunge Study Music for ADHD

Isochronic Urban Beat Study Music

acid jazz adhd music therapy

Country Music ADHD Isochronic Tones

hiphop isochronic tones for adhd

acid jazz music therapy for adhd

Isochronic Grunge Metal for ADHD

Country ADHD Music

Heavy Metal Music for ADHD

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