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Improve Your Memory Recall With Self Hypnosis

Chat live with an ADHD Professional. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have trouble remembering something, and the harder you try, the more difficult remembering becomes? Then later in the day, when you’ve stopped trying to remember, suddenly it just pops into your head? The information was there the whole of the time, of […]

Test Anxiety And Self Hypnosis

One of the biggest problems for today‚Äôs students is test anxiety. When it comes time to take a test, what they forget everything they have learned in class, and it doesn’t matter how well prepared the student is, after hours of studying, nervousness blanks the memory. Test anxiety is a normal thing, it begins at […]

The Benefits Of Adult ADHD Treatment #adhd

Children were the ones which were known to suffer from attention deficit disorder, but recently adults have received more attention. Adult ADHD treatment has been known to help a lot of sufferers who have this disorder. It is something that comes up a lot and it is not worth coping with on your own. A […]

Caffeine & Child Safety #adhd

When it comes to food and drinks, it’s clear that certain products simply aren’t safe for kids to take in. Caffeine is just one of many examples, though it can be argued that this is not exactly the most harmful product. This is true but even still, there are negatives that can rise to the […]

Understanding Brain Development In Children #adhd #mentalhealth

Science remains concerned with the manner in which our mental and physical growth take place and how these components remain interlinked and influence one another at varying stages. Brain development in children assists in determining the role of genetics and the environment on growth and the manner in which individuals are predisposed to particular events […]