Improve Your Memory Recall With Self Hypnosis

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have trouble remembering something, and the harder you try, the more difficult remembering becomes? Then later in the day, when you’ve stopped trying to remember, suddenly it just pops into your head? The information was there the whole of the time, of course, but you were experiencing what Emile Coue called, the “Law of Reversed Effect”.

We all know the mind can wander when we feel relaxed, and memories can begin to flow up into conscious awareness. This will happen even more easily if you practice self hypnosis.

How memory works

The latest theory on how memory works is that it is a 3 stage process:

• Accepting – Involves filing a memory safely into your memory system.
• Storage – Keeping the memory safe where it can be retrieved easily when needed.
• Retrieval – Finding the memory, and bringing it up into conscious awareness.

There are two types of memory store:

• Short term or working memory
• Long-term or permanent memory

There may also be two other types of memory, ‘Explicit’ (which school do you go to?) and ‘Implicit’ (How do you make a pot of coffee?).

Using self hypnosis to improve your memory makes sense. In fact, many accelerated learning programs such as speed reading actually use a state of altered consciousness similar to self hypnosis. It’s not called self hypnosis, but is refered to as Alpha and Theta states, which is the brain wave level of hypnosis.

Self hypnosis can provide help with improving memory, because it can help overcome some of the problems associated with poor memory such as:

• Accurate perception of the object or thought you want to remember

• Creating a direct route, and system of memory storage so it can be easily and quickly retrieved when need it

• A system of linking one memory to another that may be in the same catagory

Once in a self hypnotic state of mind, there are some excellent memory techniques that can be learned through hypnosis. You will learn to use these techniques quickly, if the understanding is gained both through the conscious and subconscious levels as in hypnosis.


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Goodbye Sleepless Nights, Hello Scholastic Excellence!

overwhelmed-employeeDo you recall how you felt the day before you took your final exams? Sleepless, anxious and worried. And then, although you studied all you could, you took one look at the test, and your mind went blank. This is how it goes for many students on the night before a major test. So much depends on performing well on a test, but somtimes, the anxiety is uncontrollable. The cure to this lies within your subconscious; all you need to do is practice self hypnosis for test anxiety.

So how does self hypnosis for test anxiety help? Tests are about proving ourselves against the skills of others, its about a flawless performance, when it counts. If you are worried and anxious, you will never be able to achieve this performance. The first step of self hypnosis is to rid yourself of these anxieties. Through soothing self hypnosis, you are given the tools to get over this anxiety. You will be able to relax your mind, as the positive affirmations work their way into your subconscious mind.

Through self hypnosis for test anxiety, you can control the doubt in your mind, and become more focused, even when faced with a stressful situation. Anyone who has suffered from test anxiety will tell you that a test can be as stressful as any situation as you can imagine. Success on tests is as much a matter of academics, as it is about your ability to focus. If you are calm, and you can focus and concentrate better on the task at hand, you will be able to recall the test answers with clarity. Hypnosis is also a great confidence booster, as it convinces your subconscious mind that nothing is impossible. As a result, you are self assured, and have a better self image, as your sense of self doubt is done away with.

Hypnosis for test anxiety is a long term solution. Once you have gone through a series of these sessions, you will able to recall the techniques when you need them. What a sense of liberation, this sense of control over test anxiety! Hypnosis also helps in keeping your mental energy up, and your motivation level high.


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Test Anxiety And Self Hypnosis


One of the biggest problems for today’s students is test anxiety. When it comes time to take a test, what they forget everything they have learned in class, and it doesn’t matter how well prepared the student is, after hours of studying, nervousness blanks the memory. Test anxiety is a normal thing, it begins at an early age, when parents put pressure on their children to perform well in school. From that performance pressure is born students, middle school, teenagers, or college aged students, who simply do not do well on tests.

Test anxiety is a huge problem that can manifest each and every time a test is taken. The biggest risk associated with test anxiety is the added stress that students have to face. Stress can cause a whole list of physical and emotional symptoms, so it is important to keep stress out of your life. Since test anxiety is one of the biggest producer of stress for students, there needs to be a solution. Problems with test anxiety are deep rooted, having been present for many years of the student’s life. It may have started when he or she was a child, and their parents put a lot of pressure on their performance.

How does one shake such an ingrained problem? It has a lot to do with a change in thinking.

If a student can change the way that they perceive their performance on tests, then the stress of taking a test will be eliminated. If a student has have confidence in their ability to do well on tests, then they will be more satisfied with their life. Why should someone spend their energy being nervous about taking a test? You don’t have to, you simply must find a solution that works for you. I can tell you that hypnosis is a good solution for problems like test anxiety.

Hypnosis is a really a very good solution for test anxiety and a whole host of other issues. With hypnosis, you can achieve that change.


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Enhancing Memory And Concentration With Self Hypnosis


If you had an MP3 or app to help enhance your memory and concentration, would you be interested in using it? The good news is that there is such an MP3 or app, that can do just that.

Many people complain of having poor memory and concentration, they forget dates, important facts, and so on, which, is frustrating and sometimes, embarrassing. You can turn this around by working with a therapist or learning self hypnosis, both highly effective options.

Memory is the ability to recall information, and in life, many things can affect the way in which we remember, including lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, and even the natural aging process. On the other hand, concentration is the ability to recall information successfully. When you are under stress, you will have trouble with concentration.

To develop a good memory, certain factors must be in place; this includes attention or the intention to remember. There is also interest, which means you develop a genuine interest in the subject, which in turn, creates the heightened emotional state that increases concentration and memory.

Next, the subconscious mind works most effectively with images and feelings, than it does with numbers and words. Repetition is yet another factor. By repeating, the information you wish to remember will eventually become a permanent part of your mind. Relaxation is also essential for you to recall information. The bottom line is, the subconscious mind needs to be relaxed to function at an optimum level. Finally, you need to believe that you have a good memory. Instead of telling yourself how forgetful or distracted you are, you need to be fill your mind with positive statements about yourself.

When it comes to hypnosis, this tool can take all of the above factors and enhance them, so the resulting memory and concentration is much more effective. With hypnosis, you will learn to focus, develop, and use your memory, and sharpen your mind. Hypnosis reaches deep into the subconscious mind, and by learning how to use the subconscious mind, you will begin to notice that you remember more and more details, while having the ability to focus and concentrate much better.

During the hypnotic state, you will reach a deep level of relaxation, although you will remain completely aware. Many people have the misconception that being hypnotized means losing control, which could not be further from the truth. Being hypnotized is a feeling as if you are half awake and half asleep. The mind will be sharp and aware, as the subconscious mind receives positive suggestions, which will help the mind become stronger in the areas of memory and concentration.

In addition to the benefits of enhanced memory and concentration, self hypnosis will reduce your stress level, and improve your sense of self esteem and self confidence. Whether going to a hypnotherapist or using the option of self hypnosis, hypnosis provides you with the tools for reinforcing concentration and memory. With the use of hypnosis, you can make a complete change in your life for the better.


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Enhance Your Learning Ability With Self Hypnosis

love-of-booksChat with an ADHD Professional.

I’d like you to reflect on this for a moment; as you are sitting reading this article, information is entering your brain through your eyes. But you are also hearing sounds, sensing feelings, like the feeling of sitting in a chair, the touch of the clothing on your body, and the air temperature. You are also receiving information in the form of smells., and you are receiving information in the form of tastes on your lips. There are also the emotions and thoughts that you are experiencing. This is also information that you’re processing. We live in an information intense world.

Even in a tranquil and peaceful setting, we are bombarded by 60,000 different forms of stimuli per second. That is occurring every minute, and every hour. And it goes on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, week in and week out for our entire life.

This happens to be a big part of the dilemma of why some of us can not concentrate, we are suffering from “information overload.” That makes it very difficult to memorize all of the information that we want to remember, or need to recall. Very often, while we are reading, we realize that our conscious mind has been off somewhere else, on a tangent or day dream. When we get to the bottom of the page, we realize we have no conscious memory of what we have just read. That’s because our mind has been somewhere else thinking about a problem, rather than concentrating on reading. No matter what your age, and whether you are a student, a working adult, or a retired senior, I’m sure that you understand what I’m talking about. In our fast paced world, it is often very hard to focus your concentration.


A. Your mind begins to wander as you read, and then you suddenly realize that you do not have the slightest idea what you have just read.

B. When you are in a social situation and you are introduced to new people, you realize you have forgotten their names as quickly as you heard them.

C. You need to do something in another room, but as soon as you get to the other room, you totally forget why.

D. You can stay alert and absorb new information. But when you need to take a test, “Test Anxiety” creates a mental block, and you are not able to recall the answers to the test questions you really know.

The biggest cause of a failure to focus attention is stress, and the largest cause of a mental block is also stress. So the more relaxed a person is, the better they will be able to focus their concentration, absorb information, and then be able to recall it at a later date.

Today, memory enhancement through hypnosis is a hot topic. Hypnosis is a brilliant tool for relaxation, and as a matter of fact, the very nature of the hypnotic state is deep relaxation. As the mind becomes peaceful, the ability to keep the mind focused increases, and a peaceful mind increases the ability to retain information, and recall it when it is needed.

Self hypnosis for memory and test anxiety is a fantastic way to elimiate test anxiety. There are hypnotic techniques that can be used by a student to instill the positive expectancy of peace of mind, self confidence, and achievement while taking tests.


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The Benefits Of Adult ADHD Treatment #adhd

adult adhd treatmentChildren were the ones which were known to suffer from attention deficit disorder, but recently adults have received more attention. Adult ADHD treatment has been known to help a lot of sufferers who have this disorder. It is something that comes up a lot and it is not worth coping with on your own.

A lot of people will lose focus during conversations and during their tasks that they have to complete. This makes it difficult for them to hold out a job and stick to a deadline because they are always switching off. It can be frustrating for them because they lose concentration very easily. They will not remember what someone said to them and this could be very important.

Someone could also get bored very quickly and jump from one task to the next. It may be difficult for them to focus in the work place in this way because they always want to try something different. This may not look good on their resume. A person like this will also struggle with tasks at home and they will have trouble running a home.

Someone like this may not realize that they have this disorder because it could be fairly mild. Many people who are more mature have been told that they are lazy all of their lives. This is what it could seem like if they have not been diagnosed. They are forgetful and they seem to procrastinate. This means that you will often see beds that have not been made and dishes that have not been washed.

It can be a nuisance in your life and it can even affect the way you live because of these symptoms. One can be listening to someone, and suddenly lose focus and become spaced out. This is embarrassing and frustrating. It is especially something that is annoying when it happens at work and it can interfere with the job process. You can forget what happened at a meeting or what your task was about.

A therapist who is specialized to help with people like this will notice what their strengths are and bring this forward. Usually there is a lot that one can do to help someone in the work place. One could never work at a desk as an accountant, for example. It would be difficult to concentrate for great lengths of time. They would get bored with the job.

The patient will work with therapist in seeing what their strengths are and this is very important in assisting them with the appropriate job. There are many things for them to do. A person with ADHD is usually talkative and able to do many things at once. This leaves options open.

There are a lot of people that are able to help with this, and you should find someone that is able to specialize in this. Many people don’t realize that they have this and have been living with it all their lives. It is only once they look at the symptoms and are tested that the truth actually comes out. One will be able to make a lot of changes once a therapist works with you.

Contact an ADHD counselor and educational tutor now.

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Information On Adult ADHD Treatment #adhd #musictherapy

If you want to know all about this, then you just have to read the paragraphs below. Keep in mind, that you are not allowed to take this for granted. If you do, then you would never get focused. If that happened, then it would all be on you, and that would never be good!

First, exercise to the best of your abilities, aggressively pursue your goals, then it will not be that hard for you to stay in the world of adult ADHD treatment. You will get used to the routine, and that will lead you to have good things come your way. That is a fact that you can count on for sure.

Second, you would need to find more than one hobby. Keep in mind that you would have to make the most out of the energy that is inside you. If you would do that, then you would be able to act normal when you are around people. You would be able to stay still and that is the most important thing in here.

Third, appreciate the things that can make you calm just by looking at them. For example, be with the best looking flowers in your garden. If you will conduct that step, then that will be another method that you can use in times of need. In this way, you will not be spending a lot of money for your recovery.

If you can sleep with no interruption at all, then work on that. Yes, it will never be an easy task for you but then, you basically have no choice in this matter. You will have to treat this seriously since this is very vital to your overall well being. If you cannot energize your body at night, then you are doomed.

You would have to eat all the nutritious foods in the market. You may find it very hard to remain calm but that does not mean that you would already forget that you have a body to take care of. So, have a healthy food plan. If you do not know anything about this, then you can always ask for the help of an expert.

Find the perfect ways to relax wherever you may be in the world. If you will dig deeper into that, then you will come to the conclusion that it is not that hard at all. So, practice meditating even when you are in the office.

Work with a therapist who already has an extensive experience in the field of adult ADHD. With the help of this person, you will surely be able to get back to the mode that other people will be happy about. You will no longer be a cause of trouble for them and that is perfect.

Overall, if you can get better on your own, then that be the greatest blessing of all. If not, then you can keep on trying. Never give up with what you have started.

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ADHD – 5 Steps to Successful Living #adhd #career

If you recently were diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, you may be confused. You may be asking questions like, “What is ADHD?”, and, “Does this mean I am disabled?”. “How will this affect my life?” For adults with ADHD, this can be even more confusing. This is a children’s disease, right?

These 5 steps are critical to successfully living with ADHD.

#1. Know that ADHD is not the same for everyone. ADHD is a “spectrum disorder”, which is a diagnosis made by looking at a variety of symptoms. If a patient shows more than one symptom, and the symptoms affect two areas of their lives, such as work, school or home life, they will receive an ADHD diagnosis. The wide variety of symptoms means that symptoms will not be the same for everyone.

This knowledge is crucial fpr successfully coping with the symptoms of ADHD. Coping with ADHD symptoms requires a sufferer to cope with many symptoms at once. For example, many people with ADHD experience difficulties with time management, and completing tasks. However, one person may work in a factory, while the other owns their own company. The same time management strategies might not work for both ADHD sufferers. Realize ADHD is different for each person.

#2. Realize that ADHD is not a disability. When first diagnosed with ADHD, many people are afraid they are disabled. After all, ADHD is a mental disorder. Read about The Edison Gene. The Edison Gene postulates that ADHD is not a mental disorder, but rather, ADHD is a set of genetic traits needed by early hunters and gatherers. Over thousands and thousands or years, these genetic traits did not disappear, even though human society changed from primal to industrial. Modern society simply decided these traits were a mental disorder.

#3. Realize ADHD comes with as many benefits as disadvantages. Modern psychology will stress this ADHD’s disadvantages, which is necessary for DSM classification as a mental disorder. However, for every disadvantage there are also advantages. For example, those with ADHD are often highly creative, and learn very quickly. These are just two examples of ADHD’s potential advantages. Celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Ty Pennington, and Howie Mandel are harnessing ADHD’s advantages for their benefit.

#4. Find a great psychiatrist. Chances are, you received your ADHD diagnosis from a psychiatrist; but make sure you are seeing the right psychiatrist. ADHD management is long term, the psychiatric community recognizes ADHD as a lifelong condition. Periodic psychiatry appointments may be required. You need a psychiatrist that is both experienced with ADHD, and willing to listen to your unique, personal situation.

#5. Educate yourself about ADHD. Education is key to successfully mastering anything, including ADHD symptoms. Educating yourself about ADHD, prescription medications, and more importantly, alternative ADHD treatment options, as well as coping strategies, provides you with a complete set of tools. You can use these tools to help manage your own ADHD. You don’t need to become an ADHD specialist, and you don’t want to second guess your psychiatrist. You do want to gather all the knowledge necessary to find the ADHD coping strategies that will apply to your situation.

Realizing that ADHD is not the same for everyone, that ADHD is not a disability, and comes with advantages helps to set your focus to make things work for you. If you tell yourself every day that you are mentally disabled, then you will see yourself as disabled. If you focus on ADHD’s advantages, then you will find ways to make it work for you. Educating yourself about ADHD helps you to identify new or improved ADHD coping strategies. You can try these new strategies, and use these ideas to formulate your own. While ADHD is a life long condition, these five steps will help you to successfully live with ADHD.

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Caffeine & Child Safety #adhd

photo_15057_20100420When it comes to food and drinks, it’s clear that certain products simply aren’t safe for kids to take in. Caffeine is just one of many examples, though it can be argued that this is not exactly the most harmful product. This is true but even still, there are negatives that can rise to the surface and those who specialize in Staten Island pediatrics will not say differently. If you are curious to learn more about caffeine consumption, in regards to child health, there is discussion to be had.

According to an article on Today, it seems like certain doses of caffeine can have negative impacts on the health of children. Even something as minimal as a small cup of coffee can bring about cardiovascular risk, which is nothing short of a concern for parents. When it comes to high blood pressure and the like, it’d be easier to associate that with middle-aged individuals and elders alike. To link such a condition to children is unheard of but it illustrates the dangers of caffeine at younger ages.

It seems like, as far as long-term impacts are concerned, medical authorities along the lines of GPM Pediatrics would not be able to expand. There isn’t much that is known about the results of caffeine consumption if it done during ones adolescence. However, there are still a number of concerns tied to caffeine consumption in this way and those in Staten Island pediatrics cannot say differently. With this in mind, you may ask the question, “When exactly is this type of consumption okay?”

Let’s say that you were to contact a specialist in the medical field about this subject. It’s very likely that the specialist in question will tell you about how the age of 18 is the best time to start caffeine intake. The reason for this is because children have, by and large, been developed and the product will not prove to be a tremendous hindrance in terms of health. However, given the fact that too much caffeine can have its impact on sleep patterns and the like, portions should be managed accordingly.

It goes without saying that caffeine is a product which many parents aren’t comfortable offering to their children. This doesn’t mean that it has to be avoided; it’s just a matter of understanding when exactly it is deemed safe to consume. With this in mind, take it upon yourself to make an appointment to see your child’s doctor, attaining as much information on the matter as possible. When it comes to your child’s health, there is no such thing as being too careful.

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Understanding Brain Development In Children #adhd #mentalhealth

Adhd medication side effects 1Science remains concerned with the manner in which our mental and physical growth take place and how these components remain interlinked and influence one another at varying stages. Brain development in children assists in determining the role of genetics and the environment on growth and the manner in which individuals are predisposed to particular events and traits. Research reveals the stages through which young ones develop and the manner in which experience and physical growth impact on one another.

Newborns will possess billions of neurons that continue to develop over a period of time and in response to environmental events and stimulation. All parents are encouraged to introduce structured methods of learning and stimuli that will aid in forming the necessary auditory, visual, and motor skills. These particular techniques are most effective in tending to the future requirements that young ones will experience with an increase in age.

In order to facilitate the developmental processes, it is important to invest in fun and engaging learning processes at the earliest possible stages. The purpose of performing such activities is to assist in the strengthening of connections between the different neurons that will allow for more efficient processing of information. It also aids in supporting autonomic processes that involves breathing, heart rate, and sleeping habits.

All parents are required to remain aware of the fact that children in age groups 0 to 3 will form synaptic joins in an efficient manner. Such connections will develop in combination with more structured means of stimulation for the enhancement in communication and learning processes. It is when young ones reach a stage of adolescence that the formation of synapse connections will slow down.

The brain needs to be stimulated in order to facilitate maximum growth that will include adjustments in a lifetime of learning new information and experiencing different environments. The formation of neurons will occur in childhood and lays the foundation for future responses and processes in an educational setting whereas the high processes of thinking will develop with age. This occurs when the white layer called the myelin sheath forms around the brain and is responsible for memory development, thinking, and controlling emotions.

When children turn 3 years of age, the brain will have grown into its overall adult size. For this reason, it is important to encourage learning processes through the introduction of sensory aids for the formation of stronger and longer connections. Developmental measures will rely on the level of stimulation that is provided for young children in a structured manner.

When it comes to the environment within which children grow, supportive measures can encourage further growth. The process of plasticity is a measure in which the brain changes and adjusts to the external demands that are placed on it. It is important to consider the fact that higher measures will form as children become older.

It is important to rely on specific educational measures and to ensure that overall growth is supported. Learning is a crucial process including visual and auditory methods. An investment in such procedure can aid in strengthening connections and future mental capabilities.

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