Is ADHD a Myth or a Fact? #adhd

youngIs ADHD really a legitimate condition? Or is it a made-up diagnosis used to write off bad behavior?
Is the ADHD diagnosis an excuse for some people to shrug off responsibilities?
Does it just give people an excuse for their inexplicable mistakes, and their inexcusable behavior?

These are some common examples of comments and questions from those who question the validity of ADHD. They are often heard to say: “Oh, yeah, everyone now a days seems to have ADHD”.

It is difficult to understand how anyone with ADHD would choose that label, and even more so, to flaunt it. Most people, from teens to adults, would prefer to hide such a diagnosis. Admittedly, some “kids” may try to playing the “ADHD card” with their parents, but rarely does a child of any age use ADHD as an excuse to get out of responsibility at school, or away from home. In fact, they can be so afraid of people finding out they have ADHD, they often make the mistake of not asking the help they need. ADHD also has unfortunate side effect of making those affected appear incompetent, rebellious and uncaring, as well as unreliable. Add to this frustration and anger, then ask yourself, who would consciously choose to play this role?

A person with ADHD can very much appear to be a badly behaved troublemaker who chooses not to listen, yet demands special treatment. Even after extra attention is given, and special accommodations made, that person may still not be able to meet expectations. You can hear parents and teachers saying, “They won’t change, they don’t seem to care, I’ve done what I can”. Is it any wonder that ADHD gets such a bad rap?

ADHD is indeed a neurological condition, that affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This condition negatively affects the executive functions that allow people to get started on a task, focus their attention, hold facts and figures in mind, have a sense of time, and avoid distraction. This is why it is difficult for people with ADHD to take direction from others very well, and deliver results on time, and these challenges are just the thing that irritates those around them.

The Myth of ADHD? If there is a myth about ADHD, it would be that people with ADHD can get better if they would just try; that people with ADHD are just the problematic people you find no matter where you go, and there will always be free loaders, excuse makers, and people that never grow up.

What is the Truth About ADHD?

The TRUTH of ADHD is that there are many excellent strategies that can help people with ADHD succeed, and be more cooperative and productive. The truth of ADHD is that there is a wealth of information in the form of books, workshops, and websites that educate about the condition, how it affects people, and how to help. The truth of ADHD is that there are proven methods in the form of ADHD Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that can help those with ADHD structure their lives, and manage their behaviors. And the most important truth of all is that many people with ADHD are successful at what they do, including CEOs, scientists, artists, inventors, salespeople, and doctors.

So next time you hear about the myth of ADHD, spread the word about the truth, and educate people so they can better understand how to help children and adolescents with ADHD in school, and their coworkers with ADHD. Be an ambassador, and show others how they can help support all people with ADHD.

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